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Corporate code

The codex of corporate ethics

JSC “Aluminum Alloys Plant” is our company, and a major Russian producer of aluminum alloys. The main goal of our Company is to be a leader in the market of aluminum alloys and to deliver best-in-class products at reasonable prices for consumers, to continue to work on the efficiency improvements, to extend the allsorts of the products, to strength our positions on the main markets and to develop the long-term relationships with our customers. These directions are chosen to provide financial growth and consequently the financial status improvement of all our employees.

JSC “Aluminum Alloys Plant” is a large, team-oriented Company, united by common goals, and having our own traditions and internal culture.  We focus on long-term cooperation with each person hired to our team for the stable development of our business and the pursuit of continuous improvement. The main condition for our employees is to work as efficiently as possible, to regard the Company interests as their personal, and never stop on the achieved results.

Each member of our staff understands that he creates a reality by himself in which he lives and works. Our employees are the people who are allocating the most important things. They able to prioritize their work and to use it proper. Our people also are having a healthy ambition and non-trivial way of thinking, they are true professional. We respect the individuality and personality of each employee, encouraging initiative, aiming and at the same time ensuring the free creative activity of each one. Honest attitude, maximum use of own strength and ability are bringing to the employee of our plant not only moral satisfaction, but also material benefits, as well as being the key to the prosperity of JSC “Aluminum Alloys Plant”. 

Our plant gives the highlighted attention to our customers. And each one is valuable for us.

The effective work of the team is the best guarantee of a prosperous future.

We are the team of likeminded and professional employees.

We committed to our Plant.

We are responsible for our work in front of partners, shareholders and colleagues. 

We are people of business - we set clear goals and always reach them.

The basis of trust with our partners is the honesty, the reliability and the professionalism.

We are friendly, open and honest in a relationship with others. We help and care about each other.

Business Principals:

  • The Company had been open for the society
  • The Company values and respects its employees
  • The Company admits only honest way to do market competition
  • The Company esteems the reputation and big trust from the side of government, partners and customers
  • The Company firmly remains committed to the high standards in every business field
  • The Company aims to ensuring that each employee is truly proud to be working in JSC "Aluminum Alloys Plant"

The Responsibility of the Company:

JSC " Aluminum Alloys Plant " is responsible for:

  • Growth and development of the Company to the shareholders; for the increasing of capitalization; for the activity efficiency; for the maintaining the high reputation;
  • Providing the high quality products and services and continuous quality improvement to the customers; striving to follow the changing needs of our customers and fulfill their requests; providing to the customers  reliable information about products and services on time;
  • Following the principles of business ethics,  accurate fulfillment of all conditions of common agreements and contracts on time, compliance with the principle of fair competition to the business partners
  • Increasing the level and life quality of our employees, following the effective and humane policy, training and education of personnel;
  • Payment the wages, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, career development, appropriate knowledge of employees, their abilities and annexed to the efforts of social guarantees, benefits and compensation, providing to the employees normal working conditions, ethical and respectful treatment of employees of the Company.

The basis of the Company is the honesty, information transparency and open accounting operations, budgeting and evaluation of projects. All the activities of "Aluminum Alloys Plant" are carried out in strict accordance with the legal act and internal regulatory documents.