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Mission & Strategy

Mission & Strategy

Our mission is to be the absolute leader in the production of aluminum alloys and deliver best-in-class products at reasonable prices to the consumers.

Through the success of JSC “Aluminum Alloys Plant” we are reaching the well-being of each one and society.


In the year 2011 JSC " Aluminum Alloys Plant " has developed a long-term development strategy, which defines the main priorities and objectives for the next 10 years.

  • To achieve a leading position in the production of aluminum alloys by increasing the efficiency of production.

  • To diversify the business through the chain development of further processing of our own products.

  • To strengthen the company's position in the markets of Russia and Asia.

  • Due to the modernization of equipment and technological processes to expand the range of processed raw materials, including our own aluminum dross.

  • To ensure transport issues by optimizing the logistics systems.

  • To ensure continuous improvement of the environmental condition of production.

  • To achieve the recognition as an employer of priority choice.

  • To maintain high quality of products by studying the clients' expectations and bring them to the characteristics of ready products.

  • To achieve high efficiency, determining the cost reduction opportunities. This approach is used in all stages of the chain, from purchasing raw materials to production and processing of aluminum alloys.

  • To improve continuously the production efficiency through the development and implementation of advanced production technology, the latest achievements of science and technology, providing high quality products at an affordable price for the customer, and through the implementation of the principles of energy conservation and efficiency.

  • To establish and adhere to high standards of staff competence and to be guided by them in the selection of personnel; continuously improve business and professional competence by the production and technical trainings.

  • To create and maintain a healthy and social climate in the team, based on mutual respect and trust and the principles of any problem solving together, following to the principles of corporate ethics.

  • To ensure a high level of production standards, safe working conditions. To implement the 5S system at the plant.

  • To strengthening partnerships with customers directed to improve the product quality.